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Welcome to 8 Limb Yoga; a yoga experience evolved from traditional practices in a earthy, relaxing, friendly environment dedicated to healing and renewal. The yoga offered comes from the inspiration from all of the lineages from which our teachers have practiced and learnt.  We believe this gives our students a unified and holistic practice. We base our teachings on the principles of breath-pranayama, movement asana and awareness meditation. These principles are the foundation of our 4 class styles in which we welcome beginners through to the most experienced Yogi.  We encourage our teachers to be themselves, find their own voice and structure classes in a way that reflects their personality.  Our teachers are always mindfully present for their students with the intention to create a space where you will always feel comfortable.

"When you adopt the viewpoint that there is nothing that exists that is not part of you, that there is no one who exists who is not part of you, that any judgement you make is self judgement, that any criticism you level is self criticism, you will wisely extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be the light of your world" - Harry Palmer


We are forever evolving and changing throughout our lives that's why we offer different styles to suit your needs. If you are a beginner or new to 8 Limb, we recommend you start with our beginner program, which will build your foundations gradually with focus on instruction and technique.


This will give you the opportunity to find the style of yoga that suits you. 


Our Hatha classes are a more slow paced class, where the teacher has time to focus on individual poses and breathing techniques. This style of  yoga is generally a gentle introduction to yoga which will likely leave you more stretched out then sweaty.


Our Yin/Yang style classes are a medium intensity class that gives students an opportunity to link breath to movement to calm the mind and strengthen the body and also includes longer held postures to help improve your flexibility.


More experienced yogi's will be inspired and challenged by the more dynamic style of Vinyasa flow, which move through an energetic flow with strong poses and creative sequencing. Our Yin restorative Yoga classes are a real treat.  These classes are for anyone wanting to spend an hour of deep relaxation.  Walk in the room, lie on your mat and feel that tension melt away.  These classes are designed to release stress and tension from the body, calm the mind and renew the spirit.


One-on-One sessions are also available if you prefer a more personal experience, or dealing with injuries or other special needs. These classes allow the teacher to spend one-on-one time on alignment challenges specific to the students and share useful information that can achieve results a lot quicker than attending group classes. We encourage you to explore the many options available on the timetable, whilst being mindful of your experience and fitness level. If you have a desire to teach or take your yoga practice to the next level, or considering a career as a yoga teacher, we offer world class teacher training in a motivating and inspiring setting. For more specific information click on the class description below. 


How lucky are we to have this exceptional facility and very professional teachers in Mackay. I love the numerous classes available and the fun we have. But most of all the mind and body continue to strengthen. Thank you wholeheartedly 8 Limb

Debbie A

Absolutely incredible. Teachers are sensational, Beautiful relaxing environment -Made to feel very welcome and accepted as a beginner. Yoga helps immensely with my back pain, and helps day to day stresses. So glad I found somewhere I actually look forward to going. Restorative Yin is my favourite class to wind down after the daily grind.

Adrienne J

Sue and Ashley are excellent teachers with no expectations.
They concentrate on every student giving their best and having the best outcome through each lesson.


Dr. Sabine Boes
Emergency Specialist

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