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Udwarthanam Massage

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Udwarthanam is the name of a therapeutic treatment that involves massing the body with a herbal powder. However in this treatment, the massage strokes are carried out in a counter clock wise direction, which is opposite to the strokes used in a normal massage.  In doing so, it stimulates sluggish circulation and improves the complexion of the skin. 

Benefits of Udwarthanam:


  • Reduces excess fat in the body

  • Increases the stability of the extremities

  • Improves body complexion

  • Leads to a sense of lightness in the body

  • Eliminates bad body odour due to excessive sweating 

  • Cures itching

How often should you have a massage?


6 Treatments are recommended for best results

After Treatment Care

Leave some time after your treatment to rest

  • Follow therapist home recommendations

  • Eat a light meal after your treatment

  • Drink plenty of warm water or herbal tea

  • Try to avoid stimulants that may not support the desired effect of your treatment


Udwarthanam Massage

$160 Duration 60 mins

Udwarthanam Massage x 6 treatment package $800

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