Fearless After 50


Are you 50 or beyond and needing guidance and support to thrive in your life?  Then this 30-Day Transformation is for you!


Fearless After 50 is a month of inspired transformation, a time to actively explore what it feels like to embody yoga. We commit to a regular asana/yoga practice and the willingness to do the inner work.


Part of the 30-day program is a delicious retreat day. This day will include a trip to our local market, food preparation and you will gain the knowledge to make empowered food choices that nourish our body and keep our chemical burden low. You will sample and eat food, be educated on gluten, dairy and why fresh is best.


You will learn the power of daily ritual, simple mediations to calm our mind and enhance creativity and get to know yourself better through guiding self-study and journaling.


It’s a chance to be mindful, to tune in and recharge.  Roll out your mat and find your midlife warrior, feeling strong, clear, confident and refreshed.  It’s a journey for everyone – whether your mat bears the marks of a thousand sun salutes or you're stepping into the studio for the very first time.  IT’S YOUR TIME TO THRIVE!

The Full Day Retreat Program.

Join the 8 Limb Yoga community for The Fearless After 50 Retreat Day.

Our Retreat Day will begin with a trip to our local market to see the fresh food we will be eating for lunch, followed by a morning practice. This yoga class will include pranayama, mantra and meditation.


We will move through a playful and energising practice that will open our bodies,

challenge our perceptions and bring us into the waves of our breath. This will be

held on Saturday 3rd November.

How Do I Join?

Places are limited so early bookings are recommended– if you join before the 1ST OF SEPTEMBER you will receive your FREE Fearless After 50 Journal, A fearless After 50 Singlet which is available for pick up at your first Inspiration Session & a $50 discount - to receive discount, enter the code FEARLESS at the checkout.



What Do I Have To Do Each Week?

Daily meditation  

Five yoga classes at 8 Limb studio

One home practice  

One Inspiration Session per week each Thursday evening at 5.45pm

One day of rest






Inspiration Sessions:

Every Thursday evenings at the studio.  These weekly sessions will include 1-hour

workshop and 1-hour Yoga practice relating to our weekly theme.


Weekly Focus:  

Week 1: Finding Strength- we begin with the Feet

Week 2: What is Wisdom? - Honouring where we are at the moment

Week 3: Finding our Faith- How Yoga works. The 8 Limb Path

Week 4: Connection and Community-Forming a supportive Tribe

Week 5: Be The Change-Where to from here! A celebration of the transformed Wisdom Warrior.



Price includes:

  • All yoga classes

  • Yoga program

  • Weekly Inspirational Sessions.

  • Access to the Challenge Facebook group 

  • The Challenge Retreat Day

  • Wisdom Warrior Celebration Class

  • Journal, if purchased before 26th April

  • Fearless after 50 Singlet, if purchased before 1st September


Extra Love:

If you complete the challenge and join our 12-month membership you will receive 1 month Free


We Guarantee that if you follow and complete the program it will change the Way you Look, Think and Feel or we will refund you 100 % of your money back!



Message from Sue:

The inspiration for this program came recently when I turned 50.  I discovered that life was

now very different on and off the mat.

Yoga is a worldwide phenomenon encompassing all ages, but in the West, it is often culturally represented by Youth

and youthfulness.  Fearless After 50 wants to celebrate the midlife Warrior. We want to encourage you to practice

whether you are 50 or older to discover how to live the best life possible.


During the 30 days, I will share with you some of the things that I found useful in improving my own wellbeing.

 It will include the Philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda Medicine, which is an ancient philosophy of the

knowledge of life.  If you practice Yoga regularly and follow some of the very simple principles that I will

share with you it will change your life in many wonderful ways.


Every one of us has a story.  Although we cannot go back and rewrite the beginning, it’s up to us to write

our ending.


If we accept the changes in our body and work with the fear in our heart then ageing can be a time to explore

our expansive and resilient spirit.


I look forward to guiding you over the next 30 days to find your Midlife Warrior!


“Be a Warrior, Be the best you can be ” Sue Deakin


About the facilitator Sue Deakin:

Sue is co-owner/manager of 8 Limb Yoga Mackay. Sue has years of knowledge and experience in many styles of Yoga.  Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga and is the Director of teacher training offering 200hr RYT

certification with Yoga Alliance International.


Sue is a published Author in the bestselling Heart to Heart series alongside industry thought leaders Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle both who are featured in the Secret.


Sue is a 500hr RYT Teacher and has more than 3000 hours of teaching experience and has taught many students become 200RYT Yoga Teachers of which many are teachers in the studio today.


Sue travels abroad regularly to keep evolving her own practice and share her experience and knowledge with students and teachers at 8 Limb. She currently studyingan advanced diploma in Ayurveda medicine through the Australian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies with Dr Ajit, a 500-year-old system for maintaining health and curing diseases to bring harmony to physiology including diet, herbs, spices, minerals, exercise, meditation, yoga, mental hygiene, sounds, smells to eliminate toxic substances from our body.

Begins 1st November 2018 at 5.45pm

Cancellation policy: This program cannot be transferred or refunds will be given.


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