Live Classes & 24/7 On Demand Yoga & More 

Welcome, we are offering online streaming twice a day most days. For a small cost of $39.90 p/m that's $9.50 p/w to maintain and look after your mental and physical health. Included in your membership is 24/7 classes, called classes on demand which you can take any time if you can't make the Live stream classes.Go to memberships 

and/passes to purchase. Once you have purchased the membership, please send Sue a friend request on FB facebook.

Sue will then add you to 8 Limb Yoga Tribe FB group. All classes on demand are on this FB page. 

These live streaming classes we will be sharing Hatha yoga and Ayurveda principles with you. We invite you to take time each day to step- aside from the challenges and the chaos of this time and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to practice. The practices will burn through any limitations that bind you and gift you back the life you deserve; the life you were made for, because every single one of us is a blazing spark of infinite potential uniquely calibrated to fulfil a grand spiritual purpose.


Find a quite clean space to do your practice, if you have a big screen this will  be best, you will need internet connection. 

In most cases you may need a bolster and two blocks or other props if you have them. All classes start on time. 

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