Teacher training schedule

Weekend 1 - February 2020

Saturday 22nd

Sunday 23rd

Weekend 2 - March 2020

Saturday 21st

Sunday 22nd

Weekend 3 - April 2020

Saturday 18th

Sunday 19th

Weekend 4 - July 2020

Saturday 18th

Sunday 19th

Why 8 Limb Yoga?

We believe in the power of transformation. We’ve done it ourselves, and every year we empower others to do the same: to push themselves, and in doing so undergo a transformation that allows them to influence and inspire the lives of others. That is what Living Yoga is all about: transformation, and our courses will put you on the right path towards igniting this change.

When you complete your 200 hr teacher training you will be able to teach yoga anywhere in the world. You will be certified with Yoga Alliance International. Live your dreams and change your life and others.


Your own teacher


All of our workshops are delivered by true internationally trained yogi teachers who live and breathe what they teach, Become a teacher yourself and be inspired by the teachers showing you the way.


A common statement you’ll hear from students when they finish teacher training is, “this training changed my life!” Even if you’re not sure you do want to teach there will be wonderful residual learning from your time in training that will last you for a lifetime. Your practice will soar, your life will take firmer shape and you come out feeling great in your own skin; and what a great return on investment that can be.


We've got all the bases covered, and the accreditation you need


At 8 Limb Yoga, you will spend 200 hours of teacher training with the teachers who teach practical and theory. We are the only teacher training school in Mackay where you spend your full 200 hours with the teacher trainers. All 8 Limb Yoga programs and teacher training are fully accredited both in Australia and Internationally. For our training courses to be accredited and registered with Yoga Alliance (internationally recognised), you’ll need to complete a 200-hour training course.


Teacher Training Program


8 Limb Yoga Mackay provides RYT 200 Hatha focused training and RYT 200 Vinyasa flow focused training providing a foundation of yoga practice in your chosen style and philosophy; enabling graduates to competently and safely teach group and private client yoga classes.

Teacher Training will give you a chance to understand the broader context of yoga, which will deepen your understanding and will provide some applicability to other parts of your life.


Learn about the history of yoga, understand the Sanskrit words and discover Yoga’s Eight Limbs. We break down the alignment, discuss modifications and show you hands-on adjustments for each pose. You’ll explore your physical capabilities and try things you never thought you could do before, which is completely empowering.


8 Limb Yoga Mackay teacher training course has a strong emphasis on the practical so that you leave not just with the knowledge of yoga, but also with the experience and confidence to start teaching! The training is presented through a variety of mediums including yoga classes, workshop and discussion, journals, homework assignments and teaching peers and classes. You will spend your Full 200 Hours of teacher training with the same teachers in the classroom and on the yoga mat when you complete your 90 hours of training in the school.


Learn to teach Hatha or Vinyasa Flow, deepen your practice, unlock your potential, and transform your understanding of yoga.

If you have interest in teacher training please email 8limbyogamky@gmail.com or Phone no. 4953 2048






Teacher Training Outline

  • The RYT 200hr Course consists of the following three areas of study

  • Workshop Program (in-house training) – 65hrs over 4 weekends

  • Yoga Practice (in-house training) – 90hrs of classes at 8 Limb Yoga

  • Self Study (non-contact) – Assignments and assessment preparation

  • You can now do anyone module for self development if you do not wish to complete the full course

For further information and expression of interest please contact 8 Limb Yoga

P: (07) 4953 2048 | 8limbyogamky@gmail.com

Eligible Qualifications

  • Yoga Alliance 200hr RYT

  • Eligible for Yoga Teachers Insurance cover

  • Opportunity to become part of 8 Limb teaching staff



  • 1 Assignment to be submitted with a written class plan

  • 1 Practical assessment to show how to teach a class

  • 2 – 3 Smaller homework tasks – revision/self study/readings



  • Any single module $1,250

  • Full course $3,750

  • Early Bird Discount of $250 applies if full course deposit is paid by the 31st of January 2020. Full course fee's after deposit = $3,500

  • This course is not transferable or refundable.

  • Membership to 8 Limb Yoga is not included in Teacher Training Program.

Lead Facilitator Sue


Sue is co-owner/manager of 8 Limb Yoga Mackay. Sue teaches Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga and is the Director of teacher training offering 200hr RYT certification with Yoga Alliance International.

Sue is a published Author in the bestselling Heart to Heart series alongside industry thought leaders Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle both who are featured in the Secret.

Sue is married and has three beautiful daughters that she is most proud of. Sue first became interested in Yoga many years ago as she was searching for a better quality of life not quantity. The stresses of everyday life, raising a family and owning many different businesses with her husband were taking its toll and she was looking for happiness in all the wrong places.


While holidaying in Malaysia in 2005 she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga and then moved to Auckland New Zealand in 2010 with her family where she had the opportunity to dedicate herself to two and a half years intensive teacher training at the Auckland Yoga Academy.   Sue is a 500hr RYT Teachers and has more than 2,500 hours teaching experience.


Sue travels abroad regularly to keep evolving her own practice and share her experience and knowledge with students and anyone looking to become a Yoga teacher or transform their life so they can live to their true potential.


Sue has a deep passion to teach the Yoga principles and is interested in working with students to develop strength in body and mind to face the daily challenges life presents on and off the yoga mat. Sue is trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy and Sanskit Chanting.


Teacher Training FAQ's

Can I do one module only and not the full program?

Yes. We now give two options. You may want to do one of the three modules for self development not the full course, this option is now available. You can now also do one module at a time which can be completed within two years of the first module date.

Can I Teach Yoga Anywhere In The World?

Yes you can. When you complete the full course you can teach anywhere in the World, Your certificate is with Yoga Alliance International so you can teach in Australia and Overseas. You may also have an opportunity to become part of 8 Limb teaching staff.


How much previous yoga experience do I need before participating in this course?

If you are completing the full course we recommend that you have a minimum of 3 months of dedicated personal yoga practice prior to enrolling in the course.  If your yoga experience is from a style other than vinyasa flow yoga we recommend that you have a minimum of 6 months dedicated personal practice prior to applying. We will look at this on a case by case bases.

Teacher Training Testimonials 

Jen Pel

Graduate Teacher


 I undertook my journey to complete my RYT 200 Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training at 8 Limb Yoga in Mackay.  The Teacher Training program was well designed and flexible to suit my needs as a beginner teacher.  The combination of theory and 90 hours of personal practice allowed for me to build a solid foundation to begin teaching.  The program which was offered by 8 Limb incorporated the 90 hours of practice at 8 Limb’s studio which allowed guidance and support to be offered throughout the process and ongoing feedback.  The practical component of the program is an integral aspect of the course and allows for growth as a beginner teacher.  8 Limb allows beginner teachers to gradually enter the world of teaching with a supported program and strong mentoring from the Teacher Trainers.  I strongly value the skills I have gained during my journey through the program and teaching at the studio.

Beth Pallesen

Graduate Teacher 

I had thought about Teacher Training for years.  Watched several friends go through a program, but always thought I did not have the time, or skill , there was always a block in the way.  I wanted to do it for my own practice, to grow, to understand more, to get a deeper meaning and satisfaction.  But still, I kept holding on to reasons not to do it.  Then Sue pushed away my imaginary block.  Turns out it was easy.  The Training weekends were full of the information I was seeking.  One part Technical detail and two parts inspirational.  Learning and practising with the other trainees added a whole new dimension to the experience. 


My time on the mat changed, deepened, and at the end of sessions, I could see that teachers others would essentially be sharing my own practice.  It was exhilarating and gratifying.  The study and practice sessions were demanding, but worthwhile.  The support provided for practical teaching experience was wonderful.  I would say that I wish I had done it years ago, but Yoga has taught me that things come in their own time.


Tracy Marriner

Graduate Teacher 

Decided to take the journey into the Teacher Training at 8 Limb Yoga Mackay was the easiest decision of my entire life.  I embarked on a journey like no other I had ever been involved with, but I knew this journey would be in a very supportive and inspiring environment.  The 90 practical hours helped me to develop a strong and knowledgeable daily practice. 


The theory hours were spread over 3 separate weekends, which gave us the chance to experience scheduling and teaching a class, in preparation for the final assessment.  This whole experience really was amazing, not only did I gain a deeper understanding and love for yoga, I was able to complete this with very experienced and supportive guidance.  I am proud that I completed my Training at 8 Limb Yoga.

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