Liz Cole 

The benefits of yoga are long and wide. Since starting yoga I have gained fitness, flexibility and strength of both the body and the mind. Yoga brings all these elements together into a flowing form that leaves me feeling happy and healthy after each practice.

By strengthening the mind, I have gained the ability to deal with stress through the practiced ability to clear the mind from the daily clutter and allow the mind to empty.

Through strengthening the body I have been able to manage injuries, the most notable being a back injury I received a few years ago. Yoga has made me very aware of my body and my posture. Through my practice I work to strengthen my back muscles and core and create space between my joints and vertebrae. If I ever have a relapse (which is usually from sitting for long periods of time!) I know that by continuing yoga my muscles will strengthen, the muscles trapping my nerves will release and most importantly my state of mind will improve. It has been a learning process, but a very important one. So much so that, as I am a teacher, I have the ability to pass this knowledge on to other students.

Yoga continues to challenge me and at each practice I never know what will come up from being on the mat. But that is what excites me too as I continue to learn and to grow and to see the never ending benefits of yoga.

Bill and Deb

We started yoga at the age of 60. In the last 3 years our strength, health and wellbeing has increased dramatically. Bill worked in an underground coal mine for 36 years, which has resulted in some chest problems. Through yoga his lung capacity has increased resulting in a better life. Yoga is for everyone. The hardest part is turning up for your first class. Then your journey begins. 

Megan Blagdon

When i started practicing yoga my back was not in a very good way with a bulging disc and very limited movement. I was unsure if i could fix the damage and get back to a pain free way of life. My first yoga class was based around core strength and lengthening the spine - how perfect. Since then i haven't looked back and i practice as often as i can. Yoga brings  me energy with a side of calm. And i would recommend to anyone to give it a go. 

Karen V

The classes at 8 Limb Yoga kept me both physically and mentally sane during infertility treatments. It was my one hour a day that I took pause to work on myself. After 4 months Sue’s classes had helped me to lose 15kg of my hormonal weight gain and I started to feel more fit and much stronger. Even during treatments I could find a class every day that I could partake in. Sue and Atman always found a way to adapt poses so I could keep enjoying yoga. Now I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we are expecting our miracle baby.

Safe to say that yoga changed our life in more ways than one.
Karen V.


Since practicing yoga not only am i stronger in my body but also my mind. My back pain has reduced greatly and frozen shoulder greatly improved. Yoga is also great for stress release. The breathing techniques i have learnt at yoga have helped calm my mind and have improved the quality of my sleep. 

Dianne Bourke

My change to well-being was when my daughter Vanessa visited me from LONDON/ INDIA where she is living & working,
We were on a drive down Shakespeare street there was the 8 LIMB YOGA sign, reaction WOW lets pull in, this is where my change for the better started.


Being an asthmatic on my morning walks always had a wheeze, which was very uncomfortable, but I accepted it as part of asthma. Since I have been attending breathing classes my morning walks have improved by 80% not feeling uncomfortable at all to walk in the morning.

I am also aware since different Yoga classes I attend I am feeling so different in my mind, body & skin, I am more focused.
My posture has improved & my skin feels alive & starting to tone, which is giving me much more confidence.

Working 5 days a week I manage to attend 3 classes a week, stress at work sometimes follows me to my classes, when I finally pick myself up off my Yoga Mat, stress! What stress it has gone and a wonderful sense of calm has settled in for the night. I have never had a sound sleep but now always next morning I feel great.

My biggest achievement having high blood pressure. Since Yoga has been back to normal, I did not think for I minute I could achieve a reduction so quick.
To sum it all up Love my Daughter & Love my Yoga Mat

8 LIMB YOGA for me is a wonderful experience, as in a mature age group I will continue as long as possible hopefully it will bring me Longevity.

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